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What we do is just out of passion.

It's a known but sad fact that all audio companies have long stopped producing vinyl, cassettes, audio CDs, and DVDs. Hence, with each passing day, it will be even more difficult to find good music media, and on the other hand, we are left to the mercy of online music streaming providers, most of which do not provide quality as good as what we get from physical media, which we enjoyed listening to while growing up.

With the rise of digital music, music lovers have nearly unlimited storage, easy file sharing, and the ability to seamlessly create playlists, but some have lost a sense of ownership and become interested in the physicality of music’s past. The rise of vinyl is perhaps a direct response to the dematerialization of music. The only way to preserve them is to collect from the owners who have preserved this heritage for their own collections.

The real challenge in collecting them from many pre-owned groups (pricing, availability, ease of transactions, etc.) is putting off many collectors from pursuing them further.

Having faced these problems firsthand, we, a group of collectors, are trying to solve some of these issues using this site.

We source these copies throughout India and restore them to the best possible condition without degrading the sense of original emotional quality before making them available for you.